Monthly Archive: February 2001

Peace of Mind

I awoke after a long nap. It was a late Saturday afternoon-early evening. I had taken Friday off, then staying in both Friday and Saturday. My wife was out of town. I had argued with her earlier when I was trying to talk to her on the phone and she kept cutting me off interrupting me. I was always asking her to listen. Ironically, she was the only person in the world I had ever been able to completely talk to, but sometimes she did not listen to me. This experience had left me emotionally drained, which multiplied with the stress from the extremely noisy office where I worked. After a cup of coffee, I was refreshed. I picked up an acoustical guitar, capo on the third fret, and began to play a song I was working on. I jammed for about half an hour. It left my soul overwhelmingly peaceful and refreshed. The spiritual boost that little bit of music did for me was amazing. I was planning on going into the studio, which requires for me such an extremely peaceful frame of mind that I can seldom achieve it when tired from a day of corporate nastiness. My goal was to as soon as possible obtain this peace of mind on a twenty-four /seven basis. How it would happen, I did not know. But I did know that it was worth any price, no matter what, if only I could achieve an environment where such peace of mind prevailed.