Monthly Archive: July 2016

.top domain is on the bottom

One of my email addresses was for several weeks being overrun with horrible SPAM. Somehow (a data breach from a company, most likely), the email address had ended up on a spammer’s list. When I looked to see where the SPAM was all coming from, all of it was originating from domains registered in the .top domain. One post I read said that the people behind the .top domain were using SPAM to make it seem like the .top domain was one of the most popular ones. Don’t know about that, but I simply blocked the .top domain from all my email servers. Too bad there are so many psychopathic spammers in the world trying to ruin our lives. Just block the culprits from your world. Some people will argue that blocking a domain is not worthwhile because others will spring up. While there is some truth in that, once I blocked the .top domain from the email address getting huge amounts of SPAM, all the SPAM stopped. That’s refreshing beyond words!