Monthly Archive: November 2014

What a Salvadorian Immigrant Thinks About Obama’s Immigration Executive Order

I asked the kind woman (who helps me with my Spanish) who is the Janitor for our building at work what she thought of Obama’s immigration order. She is an immigrant from El Salvador. I thought she would say something nice about it. Here’s what she said: “Some people come over here thinking everything is free, free, free. They don’t want to work. They are just looking for a handout from the government. They are always pregnant, having many babies. You see cars at the store, big cars, full of people. They say, “Baby food is free. Rent is free.” They just want to have babies, take a handout, and sit around and watch TV all day. It’s good for people who want to work, like us, but a lot of people don’t want to work. They don’t look for a job. The come over here because they believe the government will give them everything. In El Salvador, nothing is free. You have to buy everything.” She said more, but that’s the theme of her response, which was not what I expected.