Monthly Archive: January 2011

Big Snow

On the way to work I go through three weather patterns, starting at the highest point in Cuyahoga County, heading north towards Cleveland, then west to Brook Park. Today on the way to work I first saw moderate snow falling at my house, then of course no snow in Brooklyn, then, as I arrived in Brook Park, magical snow. The biggest snowflakes I’d ever seen were falling. Their average diameter was the size of a quarter, and rather than fall, they slowly floated down, due to the aerodynamic lift their size allowed. When I arrived at work, when I was getting bags out of the back of my car, one of these “flakes”–if you could call it a flake–floatedĀ  into my car. I picked it up and removed it. As I was walking to my office building, I stopped, turned around and marveled. The snow looked unreal, like a movie set. The beauty was truly magical. Once inside, I looked out the window. Fifteen minutes later the big flakes were replaced with smaller flakes, as the ephemeral event passed.