Monthly Archive: March 2008

Point of View

We can choose the things that make up our world. How many of us do? It takes a mindful stance to choose the things that make up our world. For example, according to some experts, ninety percent of our thinking is subconscious. So in order to consciously choose, we must be on the constant lookout for the seductive pull of subconscious drives, some of which we may not even be aware of. Ever find yourself doing something that is not part of your conscious program? It could be something so silly as mindlessly turning on the TV to watch a soap opera, without even thinking about it. When we consciously choose, asking “what is best,” magic happens. Point of view, properly chosen, can transform your world! Is your news source all bad news? Change it. Eliminate it. Tap into the infinite with intuition. Stop the noise of the chatter.