Infinite Palette

An artist chooses from among things to create his or her art. The painter chooses paints, mixes them and chooses something to put them on; the musician chooses sounds, instruments, technique and a million other things; the writer chooses words; the photographer chooses a camera, lens, film or digital, printing–traditional darkroom or digital printer. Each of these creators of a work of art chooses from an infinite palette, making infinitely many choices along the way, constantly. Likewise, an engineer chooses from among infinitely many choices when designing something; an interior decorator does the same. An architect does also. When a person landscapes his or her yard, many choices are also made.

We are constrained, however, by our training, our background, our culture, our own limitations, sometimes by what we think others will think. Even then, however, the choices are infinite. What is not commonly thought about often, however, is that every move we make in our lives, every word we say, everything we think, everything we do, all of our plans, our hopes, our dreams, are chosen from infinite palettes of possibilities. Sometimes we choose consciously, but often we choose unconsciously, without even thinking about it. Never forget that at each instant, you have infinite choice.

Your life, what the inside of your house looks like, your character, your friends, your developed abilities, are the result of your own choices. Paradoxically, a disciplined person has more freedom of choice than an undisciplined person. Discipline itself implies an ability to choose. Remember, at every instant you have infinitely many choices to make. Choose wisely, and be sure to include some fun, some productivity and some love every day!

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