Peace of Mind, II

In order to create great art, or even mediocre art, the right frame of mind is required. So to create art, nurture the needed peace of mind. Although achieving this state of mind might seem to be a simple matter, easily achieved by snapping one’s fingers and saying “voila,” it is not for most of us. Perhaps some people are born with this ability. Others may find it easily achievable. But for most of us, we must obtain and understand the wisdom, acquire the needed knowledge, determine how this knowledge and wisdom relate to our own situation, and apply them. Given the uniqueness of each soul in this world, your own optimized path to achieving peace of mind is unique to you. What works for you will not necessarily work for somebody else. At this times there will be similarities between what works for any two people; at times the difference will be that between two extremes, or not comparable in any way.

Achieving peace of mind is a practice. Building good habits in this practice is time well spent. For some people this practice seems to be somehting they are born into, in that they seem to be highly advanced beings on the path of widsom as soon as they are born. For most of us though, the path of widsom is challenging, a lifelong quest that after a lifteime seems like we are just getting started. Whenever you start, wherever you start, when you set your feet on the right path, peace of mind will follow.

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